Walmart Grocery Pick Up Review

I have talked to a bunch of moms about ordering groceries online from Walmart.  It seems like everyone I’ve mentioned it to has been very surprised and intrigued by the idea and information.  As I have been using it for a couple months now, I thought I would write a quick post about it to share my experience.  It is free service, and I am in love.

My daughter is a HANDFUL in any store.  She doesn’t sit in the cart for more then a few minutes, then will try climbing out.  It is painful and stressful.  Frequently she will have melt downs.  I really don’t enjoy shopping with her.   I had resorted to grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday mornings every week when my husband could stay home with our kids.  My “kid-free” time during the week became time to grocery shop.  LAME.  I was really annoyed with weekend grocery shopping and needed to find another way to get this task accomplished.

Enter in the option to order groceries from Walmart at anytime of day!  This is perfect for me (and I’m assuming a lot of you too!).  If I want, I can shop at 5 am when my daughter wakes up and my son is still sleeping.  I honestly couldn’t be happier with the system.  It is straightforward and easy.  It definitely makes my life easier and reduces the stress of grocery shopping for me.  I’m sold.

Couple quick notes and tips about the service:
1. It’s completely free, order online and then pick up ($30 minimum order). They literally bring the bagged groceries out of the store and load them into your car!  You don’t have to get your kids out of their carseats! (WINNING!)

2. It’s best if you download the Walmart grocery app on your phone.

3. I use the app during the week to add items to my cart instead of writing down a grocery list, then I just check out when I’m ready.

4. You will need to plan ahead a little. If you order before 2 pm, you should be able to pick your groceries up the same day.  They typically need at least 4 hours turn-around time before you can go to the store to pick up your groceries.

5. You will have to choose a pick up time from their available options.  This is an hour window where you will go the store.

6. When your pick-up time comes around, use your app to “check-in.”  It lets them know you are on your way. *This gets your groceries to your car as quick as possible.  If you don’t do this step, there is a phone number posted in the pick-up area of the parking lot to call and say you have arrived and what # spot you are in.

7. When you are ordering, there is an “allow substitutions” section to check before checking out.  If they don’t have something you ordered, they will upgrade if possible and not charge the difference.  You pay for what you had picked out.  When they bring out your groceries, they will let you know if they had to do any substitutions.  For example, I had ordered a jar of Skippy peanut butter.  They were out of the size I had ordered so they gave me the next bigger size in the same brand for for the price of the smaller one.  Same thing happened with the jelly.  I had ordered their great-value brand squeezy jelly for the camper and they were out.  They upgraded me to the Smucker’s brand of squeezy jelly (same flavor) for no additional charge.  If you are brand-picky about some item, just uncheck “allow substitutions” for that item during checkout.  If they don’t have the item, they will let you know it wasn’t available and you won’t be charged for it.

8. The grocery app from Walmart allows you to order things you would find in a grocery store… deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc… Their full store is not available. (ie- you can’t have them grab a TV for you with your groceries).

Interested in giving it a try?  Click the link to get a promo code to get $10 off your first order of groceries to be picked up from Walmart.  $10 off Walmart Groceries.



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